Construction Security

Build a state-of-the-art outdoor security system using components from Offsite Commander Systems.  Add a light, a wireless module, infrared detectors, and warning signs to the basic camera and you have a security system that will frighten intruders off as well as record their actions.

Here’s how it would work.  Whenever an intruder enters the site after-hours (you program the hours), the 500-watt floodlight lights up the area and the camera automatically sends an alert over the Internet.  The alert will include snapshots one second apart to show what caused the alert.  You can then connect directly to the camera to see what is currently happening in real time.

Outdoor Internet camera

Wireless module

Light module

Motion detection module

Warning sign

Construction package






"Also, I wanted to let you know that your services worked very well for us on this project as we have had no break-ins or thefts.  I will not hesitate to use or recommend your services in the future.  Thx."

Brett Scolari
Project Manager
Permian Builders, Inc.

"By far the most effective of all the security systems we investigated.  Also the cheapest, by a large margin.  These guys have really figured out how to use the latest devices, solar panels, and even satellite Internet to protect our equipment."

Jim Patterson, Equipment Manager
Tutor-Saliba Construction
Insight Commander Systems Internet Cameras