Oil Well Security

The Security Commander is a complete, ready-to-use security system designed specifically for oil well security and surveillance.  You attach the Commander to anything near tools, wires, equipment, fuel storage, or anything else valuable or sensitive at the oil well and plug it in.  Everything starts automatically.  Solar power is also available for those areas where power is unavailable or impractical.  If your property has Verizon 3G wireless Internet coverage available, you can secure it in days.

Here’s how it works.  whenever an intruder enters the well site (you program the hours, the days, or 24/7), the 500-watt floodlight lights up the area and the camera automatically sends an alert over the Internet.  The alert will include snapshots one second apart to show what caused the alert.  You can then connect directly to the camera from your computer or mobile device to see what is currently happening in real time in order to determine the next step.

Outdoor Internet camera
Wireless module
Light module
Motion detection module
Alert monitoring
3G wireless Internet
Oil well package

Insight Commander Systems Internet Cameras
Plug in to 110 volts
Solar power