1.3 Mp. Camera Rental
Web page hosting
Timelapse video production
Internet connectons
Easy-mount kit
$179.00 per month per camera

The ICS Photo Commander.automatically takes a high definition picture every hour during business hours and uploads it to our Internet server and stores it to produce a time-lapse video.  These images can be used for the photographic documentation requirements of many projects.

These images can be viewed immediately by connecting to your own password-protected web page on our site.  You can even go back to a specific date to view the images for that date.  At the end of your project, we will produce a time-lapse video of your project from the high definition images that were captured by the Photo Commander.

The Photo Commander is battery powered and will last 4-6 months.  If your project is longer, you can connect the optional solar panel for unlimited time.

View by time-lapse IP camera
Click on the image below to see a sample time-lapse video.  This will take a few seconds to load into your page.
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